A Warm Welcome

As a Shaman for the Sacred Heart, I walk in Spirit land.

Most people cannot see where I travel, but it is invisible, not imaginary. During a journey I locate where an illness, memory, or behavior problem resides in spirit and deal with it.

As a shaman, I supply the things you should know but have lost, forgotten, hidden, or locked the door and thrown away the key... When you have a tightly sealed door that you cannot pry open, a journey swings the door wide open and brings help and health and happiness.

Because you have a habit buried in your memory and it’s time —past time— to set it free.

A journey is a gift from the Sacred Heart. It helps you sort things through, come to terms with problems, and opens the door to new possibilities – to reinvent yourself, experience clarity and compassion, see what you couldn’t see before, find your gifts, feel healthier and stronger, and develop your strengths.

Do You Feel Like A Part Of You Is Missing?

When you feel like you have no way to find out...

A journey can go into your past and dig up specific events that you thought you had left behind, forgotten, but unresolved, they still affect you today.

Memories are important and contain equal measures of joy and pain. The answers to your future sometimes are buried in the past. Journeys bring a sense of understanding when something bad happens to you, and you can’t figure out why it happened... Because past memories stir current affairs.

And those memories are stored in your soul... Journeys for Soul Recovery restore the parts of your soul that split off.

If You Are Feeling Guilty...

Journeys also help you deal with a known incident that you have relived over and over again, never forgiving yourself. It can help you deal with the what-if’s, should-haves, and if-only-I-could-do-it-over-again.

Are You Looking For Something And Not Sure What It Is?

If you are uncertain and don’t know what to do, in the middle of a hard decision, sad time, stuck, or need a fresh start... a journey can help you figure it out, and be sure that you are doing the right thing.

Because journeys give you answers...
A journey is a sacred map of the moment.
Are You Ready To Throw In The Towel?

Physical issues a journey helps:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sleep too much
  • Nightmares
  • Crying
  • Tired
  • Feel Numb
  • Can’t concentrate
  • Hyper

Emotional symptoms a journey helps:

  • Afraid
  • Guilty
  • Angry
  • Emotional outbursts – anger, crying, laughing
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Confused
  • Frustrated
  • Trapped

Mental matters a journey helps:

  • Guilt
  • Helplessness
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Feel like you don’t “belong” or “fit in”
  • Believe that no one can ever understand or ever help you

Have You Been Disappointed In Love And Life?

Journeys help with those times when you feel like a prisoner in a relationship or job, compromise your principles, lie to yourself, turn away instead of move forward, and give up. When you are bitterly disappointed or betrayed by someone you love... each time you lose a part of yourself!

A “soul recovery” journey helps you retrieve the part of your soul that has gone “missing in action.”

Things happen when you are young... whether alcoholic parents, physical abuse, or verbal taunting by other children or older brothers...

Or older and more mature... your relationship with someone turns sour, an accident scars your body and sears your brain, or things go so bad that you hesitate, withdraw, or retreat instead of act.

...And little pieces of your soul break off each time something happens until you reclaim them.

A journey for the Sacred Heart allows me to return the pieces of your soul that are ready to come home.
How Do You Rebuild Your Life When Health Or Happiness Has Vanished Into Thin Air?

Journeys for soul recovery, healing (shamanic touch), and the dead... can help you deal with the present in a new way and redefine your future.

You cannot recapture the past or rewrite history... but journeys give you a choice! Journeys for Soul Recovery restore the parts of your soul that split off.

When sometimes in the past you didn’t have a choice – someone left you, a child died, or an illness such as a heart attack, diabetes, or cancer hurt your body. The problem is you can’t fix it, if you don’t know what you’ve forgotten or lost. You can either let memories and history defeat you... or you can ask for the help, health, and happiness that the Sacred Heart offers through when a shaman journeys for you.

It’s a fork in the road...
...and it’s your decision.

Shamanic Touch can help you handle life’s toughest healing times. During a journey blockages, impediments, and weaknesses are removed that cause illness, poor health, disease, and weakness. You can feel mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger and more healthy.

Journeys for the Dead ease the transition from this world to the next world. Sometimes when terrible things happen to people, and they die unexpectedly, help is needed... Fatal car accidents, drug overdoses, murders, drownings, unsuccessful surgery, or natural disasters are all situations where people may need help understanding they have died and require assistance to move on.

Journeys for the dead allow you to help the people and animals you love.

It Is Possible To Claim Your Gifts, Strength, Love, And Healing After The Fact!

When you initiate a journey, you can find the answers to your own questions, the keys to the doors that you have left locked for most of your life.

Then you can know who you are, what matters to you, and why specific events in your life occurred.

A journey uncovers the blueprint that you live by.
Are You Afraid Of What Will Be Found? Is It Easier To Live Without Knowing?

For some people, yes. For other people, the answer is no.

You have been hurt, you may be angry at others, or maybe you just want to forget... But maybe there are good memories that you have forgotten... Or perhaps now you are ready to forgive and forget...

Journeys are a time to be honest with your self.
Because you are in charge.

Although I journey – you don’t have to do anything with the information I bring back to you.

You can totally ignore it.

Or... you can run with it. Take the seed, plant it in the ground and like Jack and the Beanstalk, climb the beanstalk into the sky, defeat the ogres in your life, and claim your gifts and purpose in life.

Your choice.

And it all begins with a journey.

Please... before you give up...
Schedule a Journey.
What Can A Journey Do For You (Or Someone You Love)

A journey can help you find what you have been searching for. No candy. I won’t indulge you or baby you, but a journey can give you insights, information, help you adjust, understand, and get another chance.

Journeys are not counseling or therapy. My role is to help you see what you couldn’t see before, so that you can live up to your gifts. Or, get closure to events, problems or issues issues that have injured, haunted, or worried you.

Journeys stimulate the healing process mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I don’t promise full recovery. Sometimes it takes more than one journey (or one lifetime), but I do know that you can do better and move forward more quickly, although there will still may be times when you come to a dead stop. But I do know that you are always given what you need.

Because you can live your life in a different way.

This Is What I Know...

It hurts when you’re not where you’re supposed to be. There is pain and there is suffering... and journeys remove suffering.

A transition from past to present can be smooth. You can have your memories back without them hurting you.

The clearest way to find your self is through a journey. Journeys can help you understand why you are here.

You don’t have to be brave, you just need enough courage to take one more step.

You have the right to help and health and happiness.
To live your own life.
To make your own choices.
So you can show your best self to the world
and create tiny miracles.
I Am A Shaman For The Sacred Heart

I’d like to help you find what you are looking for and find the answers that have eluded you until now. ...Sometimes when it feels like there’s a shadow over your life, journeys can change that feeling.

The Sacred Heart surrounds you, but when you are overwhelmed, worried, anxious, preoccupied, or full of despair, often you are unaware of the love and support that is always available to you and yours.

After I take a journey on your behalf, I will return with a vision, message, or healing from the Sacred Heart.

You will see for yourself:

  • Events remain as memories, but they lose their power to limit, defeat, and harm you.
  • Gain new clarity about your purpose.
  • Find answers that have eluded you until now.
  • Find your calling.
  • Acquire a different perspective on why something has happened, and how it impacts the present.
  • Be where you belong.
  • No longer ache inside or have that restless feeling.
  • Find what you have been searching for.
  • Act with strength and grace.
  • Find it easier to forgive, forget, and move on.
  • Enter friendships and relationships in a new way.
  • Be happy.

Schedule A Journey Now
Find Out How The Sacred Heart Offers Help, Health, and Happiness

Journeys help you create tiny miracles and happy surprises in your life and in others. Each journey is unique to the individual and does not require your physical presence.

Ask me to journey for you, a loved one, or special animal friend... and experience the strength and joy that the Sacred Heart brings.

To schedule a journey email me at: kristacantrell@me.com Call me Tuesday - Friday between noon and five pm MST at: 480.488.3587.

I am here for you.

Krista Cantrell

P.S. If you want a spiritual answer for a physical, mental, or emotional question... schedule a journey for you, a special someone in your life, or your cat, dog, or horse.